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“Voise Foundation is actively making a positive difference in the lives of many people living with dementia.”

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Voise Foundation is at the forefront of developing transformative programs that make a meaningful impact to the lives of individuals living with dementia. However, we can’t do this alone. We need your support to make a difference.

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Our Reviews

Diana GarciaDiana Garcia
19:29 09 Nov 23
I discovered the Voise Foundation a few years ago and have been amazed to see the success they have had. They are a much needed resource for those affected by dementia and Voise is able to deliver the message and educate people in such a compassionate and insightful way.
Rekha SainiRekha Saini
12:59 05 Nov 23
The knowledge that is shared on Voise Foundation blog about dementia care is really amazing and has helped me immensely caring my grandmother with dementia. Kudos to Voise Foundation.
Mubashar AliMubashar Ali
06:35 31 Oct 23
The Voise Foundation is a trusted source for dementia care information and support. They provide an abundance of information on dementia care, and their support is both compassionate and practical.
Nida HiraNida Hira
06:20 31 Oct 23
I recently discovered the Voise Foundation while seeking information on dementia care. Their website is a goldmine of valuable resources, and their commitment to helping families is heartwarming.
Ashra RehmatAshra Rehmat
05:16 31 Oct 23
The Voise Foundation is a trusted source when it comes to dementia care. Their caring support is like a reassuring hand on your shoulder during a difficult journey. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
jack thojack tho
13:27 30 Oct 23
Voise Foundation is an invaluable resource that provides exceptional support and comprehensive information for those affected by dementia. Their team is compassionate and knowledgeable, ensuring that individuals and families receive the tailored guidance they need.
Raj MauryaRaj Maurya
03:42 06 Oct 23
The depth and breadth of content from the Voise Foundation is a testament to their path towards becoming a key player in dementia discourse. As a researcher, their work has been an essential reference. Especially, I liked how they presented the importance of music therapy for dementia patients.
Dementia care advocate: An elderly lady with a confident and wise expression representing Voise Foundation.

i have dementia. now what?

Planning Ahead: A Guide for Navigating Life After a Dementia Diagnosis” equips you with vital knowledge, resources, and strategies for managing dementia, fostering a healthier journey for patients and caregivers alike.

VF Home Programs

Trending Topics in Dementia

Delve into the ‘Trending Topics in Dementia’ and arm yourself with the latest knowledge to make empowered decisions. Stay informed, stay strong.

Voise Foundation is Speaking Up for Dementia on our YouTube Channel: dementia media hub

Experience the power of learning and healing @VFDementia – your free passport to engaging educational videos, soothing music therapy, and transformative sensory art experiences.

Vision Statement

“A Dementia Free World. For Every One.”

Dementia-free isn’t just a hopeful dream; but a goal we’re tirelessly working towards. Through therapeutic music, art, and other care solutions, we’re alleviating today’s burdens.

But our sights are firmly set on a tomorrow where dementia is merely a memory —achieved through unwavering research and innovative solutions.

Our vision is to not just manage, but eradicate dementia. Stand with us in our vision to lighten dementia’s weight today and eradicate it tomorrow. Join the change.

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Voise Foundation is Transforming Lives Through Your Support

Look WHo's Speaking Up for Dementia: donor spotlight

We’re deeply grateful to Set One Sales for your generous donation to bring hope and improved care to those living with dementia.

Together, we are making strides towards a world free of dementia’s burdens. 

Dementia spotlight: joyful elderly group sharing a moment of connection.
"Circle logo for VF Dementia Hope Circle. The design features interlaced hands symbolizing unity and a forget-me-not flower. The logo is set against a blue background, with 'VF Dementia Hope Circle' inscribed in yellow around the edge."

VF Dementia Hope Circle©

Experience the profound impact of community by joining the Voise Foundation today.

As a valued member of the VF Dementia Hope Circle, you become an integral part of illuminating paths of hope and compassion for those affected by dementia.

Stay intimately connected with our groundbreaking programs and witness the unwavering commitment we have to the dementia community.

By joining us, you embrace a transformative journey, where together we redefine the future of dementia care.

Your presence and participation make a world of difference.

Join us now and let’s create A Dementia Free World. For Every One.

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By supporting Voise Foundation, you’ll make a meaningful impact to improve the quality of life for those with dementia!

8 Key Principles

1. Empathetic Care & Advocacy: Understanding the many challenges of dementia, we offer unwavering care, advocacy, and support, echoing our slogan “Speaking Up for Dementia” in everything we do.

2. Accessibility and Financial Aid: Beyond offering therapeutic activities like music and art, we’re pioneering financial aid programs, ensuring all affected by dementia can benefit irrespective of their economic standing.

3. Education and Awareness: In line with our purpose to educate and raise awareness, we emphasize the transformative power of our offerings, such as VST Music and Artful Minds Art Sensory videos, and feature insights from leading dementia experts.

4. Unwavering Commitment to Innovation: Infused in our mission to transform dementia care, we continuously seek and embrace innovative therapeutic resources, aiming for a brighter, dementia-free future.

5. Global Outreach & Enrichment: True to our tagline “Enriching lives in the world of dementia care”, our programs are designed to reach a global audience, offering both creative expression and meaningful engagement.

6. Inclusivity and Respect: Everyone, regardless of their journey with dementia, deserves respect, understanding, and the therapeutic benefits of creative expression. We stand as a beacon of inclusivity and respect in the world of dementia care.

7. Driving Research & Future Solutions: We are not just content with managing dementia. Our vision and purpose include accelerating global research initiatives with the dream of eradicating dementia, making it a memory of the past.

8. Community Mobilization & Partnership: Captured in our elevator pitch, we believe in the power of collective effort. We invite communities, partners, and volunteers to join our transformative journey towards a dementia-free world.