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Highly Rated with 5 Stars by Our Community

Jennifer SingerJennifer Singer
19:36 02 Feb 24
Wonderful people. Very kind and caring.Great organization!
Lily ElderkinLily Elderkin
18:54 30 Nov 23
Seeing the Voise Foundation grow has been a heartwarming experience. Their dedication to speaking up for dementia has only deepened over time, making a real difference in the community. It’s a testament to what passion, hard work, and genuine care can achieve!
Diana GarciaDiana Garcia
19:29 09 Nov 23
I discovered the Voise Foundation a few years ago and have been amazed to see the success they have had. They are a much needed resource for those affected by dementia and Voise is able to deliver the message and educate people in such a compassionate and insightful way.
Rekha SainiRekha Saini
12:59 05 Nov 23
The knowledge that is shared on Voise Foundation blog about dementia care is really amazing and has helped me immensely caring my grandmother with dementia. Kudos to Voise Foundation.
Mubashar AliMubashar Ali
06:35 31 Oct 23
The Voise Foundation is a trusted source for dementia care information and support. They provide an abundance of information on dementia care, and their support is both compassionate and practical.
Nida HiraNida Hira
06:20 31 Oct 23
I recently discovered the Voise Foundation while seeking information on dementia care. Their website is a goldmine of valuable resources, and their commitment to helping families is heartwarming.
Ashra RehmatAshra Rehmat
05:16 31 Oct 23
The Voise Foundation is a trusted source when it comes to dementia care. Their caring support is like a reassuring hand on your shoulder during a difficult journey. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
jack thojack tho
13:27 30 Oct 23
Voise Foundation is an invaluable resource that provides exceptional support and comprehensive information for those affected by dementia. Their team is compassionate and knowledgeable, ensuring that individuals and families receive the tailored guidance they need.
Raj MauryaRaj Maurya
03:42 06 Oct 23
The depth and breadth of content from the Voise Foundation is a testament to their path towards becoming a key player in dementia discourse. As a researcher, their work has been an essential reference. Especially, I liked how they presented the importance of music therapy for dementia patients.

Voise Foundation

Cherie Voise started the Voise Foundation inspired by her own experiences with dementia, aiming to bring empathy and new ideas to dementia care. Check out our YouTube for helpful videos, Artful Minds©, and VST Music©, plus our blogs and Essentials Care Package program. We’re growing and connecting more with the community, working with healthcare pros for better dementia care. Join us in our mission to help and uplift those with dementia – every bit of support counts!

“Voise Foundation is actively making a positive difference in the lives of many people living with dementia.”

– California Business Journal

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Confused about the next steps after a dementia diagnosis? Our ‘Dementia Care Plan’ guide is here to help. Get essential knowledge, resources, and strategies to support your dementia journey. Learn more and start planning for a healthier path forward.

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Together, we are making strides towards a world free of dementia’s burdens. 

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Vision Statement

Dementia-free isn’t just a hopeful dream; but a goal we’re tirelessly working towards. Through therapeutic music, art, and other care solutions, we’re alleviating today’s burdens.

But our sights are firmly set on a tomorrow where dementia is merely a memory —achieved through unwavering research and innovative solutions.

Our vision is to not just manage, but eradicate dementia. Stand with us in our vision to lighten dementia’s weight today and eradicate it tomorrow. Join the change.

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