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To elevate and enrich the lives of those impacted by dementia. We provide innovative therapeutic resources, financial assistance, and unwavering advocacy to transform dementia care.

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Voise Foundation aims to increase awareness about Dementia and provide support for those impacted by it.

Our mission is to strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by Dementia, their families and caregivers.

We offer simple, yet innovative care solutions and aim to create a supportive community, all towards enhancing quality of life and inspiring hope in the face of dementia.

Through innovative care solutions such as VST© music therapy, movement therapy, art therapy, DementiaGuard© and other Innovative Care Solutions, the foundation strives to provide hope and comfort to those who need it most.

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Dementia charity symbolized by a bright watercolor heart, emphasizing the compassion and care for the community.

Voise Foundation is a heart centered dementia charity committed to creating awareness and improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by Dementia.

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At the core of the Voise Foundation lies a powerful story of empathy, determination, and action. Our founder, Cherie Voise, experienced first-hand the debilitating effects of dementia as she watched her beloved grandmother’s struggle with the condition. The experience left a profound impact on Cherie, driving her to find ways to assist those impacted by dementia.


While serving as a Rape Victim Advocate, Cherie encountered a vulnerable elderly woman with dementia, an experience that further highlighted the desperate need for supportive care. The woman’s frail state and the stark vacancy in her eyes deeply moved Cherie, fueling her determination to make a difference.


Motivated by these experiences, Cherie established the Voise Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating tangible improvements in the lives of people living with dementia. Our primary tool? Simple yet innovative care solutions. We employ unique approaches, such as music, movement, and art therapies, specifically designed to enhance cognitive abilities and overall well-being of those affected by dementia.


But our mission isn’t solely about delivering creative care solutions. At Voise Foundation, we understand that dementia doesn’t only impact the individuals diagnosed but also their families and caregivers. We’re striving to cultivate a supportive and understanding community for everyone touched by dementia, where empathy drives action.


Moreover, we recognize the financial burden that dementia care can impose. That’s why we are striving to develop programs designed to provide financial assistance in regards to dementia healthcare, relieving families of this financial stress and allowing them to focus more on their loved ones.


The Voise Foundation doesn’t work in isolation. We believe in the power of collaboration and have partnered with other organizations to pool resources and knowledge. We’re committed to working together to create a better future for all those affected by dementia.


In a world where dementia can often carry a stigma, we aim to change the narrative, promoting understanding, compassion, and collective action. The Voise Foundation isn’t just an organization—it’s a testament to human resilience and the unwavering belief that we can improve the lives of those affected by dementia.


We invite you to join us on this mission. Your support can help us make a real difference in the lives of those living with dementia. Together, we can shine a light of hope where it’s most needed. The Voise Foundation is here to instill hope and make each day brighter for those touched by dementia. Let’s shape a future filled with understanding and compassion. Together, we can make a difference.


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Join us in our mission to make a meaningful impact  to those affected by this deadly disease, their family and caregivers.

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What is the Voise Foundation?

The Voise Foundation is a special group (or charity) that helps people with dementia. They started because Cherie Voise saw how hard it was for her grandmother with dementia. So, she wanted to help others in the same situation.


Understanding Dementia and the Role of the Voise Foundation

Dementia is a complex medical condition that impacts the brain, leading to difficulties in memory, thinking, and overall behavior. It’s more than just an occasional lapse in memory; it represents a range of symptoms associated with cognitive decline. When someone mentions dementia, they’re referring to a spectrum of symptoms, not just one singular disease. It affects the ability to remember, think clearly, and make decisions. Over time, these challenges can intensify, making daily tasks and routines feel insurmountable.

For many, the initial signs of dementia might just seem like the regular forgetfulness that comes with age. However, the reality is much more profound. People with dementia might struggle to recognize their loved ones, recall significant events, or even manage basic daily tasks like dressing or eating. These symptoms can creep in slowly, often making them hard to detect at first. But as they progress, they can significantly disrupt the person’s life.

It’s essential to understand that dementia’s reach extends far beyond the individual diagnosed with it. Family members, friends, caregivers, and even communities can feel its effects. Adapting to the evolving needs of someone with dementia often requires patience, understanding, and a wealth of resources. This is where the role of a dementia charity becomes indispensable.

The Voise Foundation stands out as a leading dementia charity, dedicated to supporting those affected by this condition. With a heart-centered approach, the Voise Foundation provides not only essential resources but also emotional support and guidance for both individuals with dementia and their loved ones. Being a dementia charity, they bridge the gap between families and the crucial tools and knowledge they need to manage the condition more effectively.

Moreover, the Voise Foundation goes a step further than many. As a forward-thinking dementia charity, they work diligently to raise awareness, emphasizing early diagnosis and promoting effective management techniques. Their commitment extends to funding and supporting research aimed at finding innovative treatments and, hopefully, a future cure.

In a world where dementia is often misunderstood and stigmatized, the Voise Foundation, as a dedicated dementia charity, aims to rewrite the narrative. They strive to foster understanding, compassion, and collective action, ensuring that those facing the challenges of dementia never feel alone.

In essence, while dementia presents a multifaceted challenge affecting memory, decision-making, and thinking processes, organizations like the Voise Foundation offer hope. Through the unwavering support and initiatives of this dementia charity, a brighter future for individuals with dementia and their families is on the horizon.


What’s Dementia?

Dementia is a medical condition that affects the brain, causing challenges in memory, thinking, and behavior. It isn’t just a single disease but is a collective term used to describe various symptoms of cognitive decline. At its core, dementia makes it hard for people to remember things, think clearly, or make decisions. Over time, these symptoms can progress and become severe enough to interfere with daily tasks and routines.

For those unfamiliar with the term, dementia might just seem like occasional forgetfulness. However, it’s much more than that. People with dementia might forget familiar faces or important dates, struggle with solving simple problems, or even lose their ability to carry out routine activities. These changes can be gradual, making it challenging to notice them at first. But as they advance, they can drastically affect the individual’s quality of life.

The effects of dementia are not isolated to the individuals diagnosed with it. The ripple effects touch their families, friends, and caregivers. Loved ones often find themselves adjusting to new roles, providing care, and seeking resources to better understand and manage the condition. A dementia charity plays a critical role during such times, offering guidance, support, and essential resources to those impacted. By connecting with a dementia charity, families can gain access to valuable tools and resources that can help them navigate the complexities of the condition.

Furthermore, dementia charities also work towards spreading awareness about the condition, its symptoms, and its prevention. The efforts of a dementia charity are instrumental in both early diagnosis and effective management. By championing research, these charities hope to find better treatments, and perhaps one day, a cure.

In summary, dementia is more than just forgetfulness. It’s a challenging condition that impacts memory, thinking, and decision-making. While it takes a toll on the person diagnosed, its effects also deeply resonate with their family and loved ones. Through the continuous efforts of dementia charities, there’s hope for better understanding, care, and eventually, a world without dementia.


Making a Difference: How the Dementia Charity Supports the Community

Voise Foundation, a leading dementia charity, offers groundbreaking programs:

Music: Utilizing the unique VST Music© system, they play melodies that help individuals recall cherished memories and elevate their mood.

Art: Their Artful Minds© initiative provides sensory art videos, fostering a creative avenue for those with dementia to communicate and express.

Movement: Though it’s still being developed into a formal program, the charity enthusiastically endorses dancing and other physical activities to ensure individuals remain active and vibrant.

DementiaGuard©: Recognizing the financial challenges many face, Voise Foundation is also pioneering the DementiaGuard© program. It’s specifically tailored to assist families with dementia-related medical costs and insurance premiums, lightening their financial burden.


Supporting Families Through The Dementia Journey

Dealing with dementia isn’t just a challenge for the individual diagnosed; it deeply affects the entire family. Witnessing a loved one’s memory fade and personality change can be an emotional and often overwhelming experience. Recognizing this, the Voise Foundation has stepped in as more than just a dementia charity. They have created a nurturing community space for families.

Within this supportive environment, family members can freely share their experiences, emotions, and stories. They can lean on each other during tough times, exchange practical advice, and discover ways to navigate the complex journey of dementia. The Voise Foundation believes in educating families, ensuring they have access to the latest resources, coping techniques, and research updates. This comprehensive approach not only empowers families with knowledge but also provides an emotional cushion.

Furthermore, Voise Foundation organizes workshops, seminars, and counseling sessions, enabling families to better understand the disease and develop skills to handle various situations. It’s a safe haven where families can find solace, learn, and get the necessary support.

At its core, the Voise Foundation is akin to a large, extended family – where every member is valued, and everyone bands together to uplift each other, ensuring no one feels alone in their journey with dementia.


Ensuring Accessible Care for All: Reducing Financial Burdens

Providing quality care for someone with dementia often comes with a hefty price tag. Medical bills, therapies, specialized equipment, and even routine care costs can quickly accumulate, placing a significant financial burden on families. The Voise Foundation deeply understands these challenges and has prioritized making care more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The Voise Foundation’s initiative, DementiaGuard©, stands as a testament to their commitment. This flagship program is meticulously designed to assist families with dementia-related medical expenses and insurance premiums. By alleviating some of these financial pressures, the program ensures that individuals receive the best possible care without families having to face overwhelming debt or make compromising choices.

Furthermore, the Voise Foundation collaborates with various healthcare professionals, clinics, and institutions to negotiate discounted rates and services. This extensive network of partnerships means that families affiliated with the foundation can often access services at a fraction of the regular cost.

By addressing the financial aspect of care, the Voise Foundation is paving the way for a more inclusive approach to dementia treatment. They are on a mission to ensure that every person diagnosed with dementia, regardless of their economic status, receives the comprehensive care they deserve. This initiative reaffirms their position as not just a dementia charity, but a beacon of hope and support for countless families.


Collaborating for Greater Impact

The Voise Foundation, a leading dementia charity, recognizes the power of collaboration and unity. By forging meaningful partnerships with other organizations and groups, they amplify their reach and ability to create positive change.

Joining hands with like-minded entities allows the Voise Foundation to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise. This collective approach not only enhances their operational efficiency but also fosters an environment of innovation. By working closely with other specialists in the field, they can continuously refine and adapt their methods, ensuring that they offer the most up-to-date and effective support to those battling dementia.

Furthermore, these collaborations provide an avenue for sharing best practices, training, and research findings. It’s a symbiotic relationship where each organization can learn from the other, ultimately elevating the standard of care and support provided to individuals with dementia and their families.

Through such partnerships, the Voise Foundation can extend its services to regions and communities it might not have reached alone. It’s a testament to their commitment that they are not just content with the difference they are making as a singular entity but are always seeking ways to broaden their impact.

By collaborating and working hand-in-hand with other groups, this dementia charity is showcasing a model of unity, where the shared goal is to improve the lives of those affected by dementia and ensure that every individual receives the care, respect, and support they deserve.


Be Part of the Movement

The Voise Foundation believes in the strength of community. It’s not just about one organization making a difference, but about an entire collective of caring individuals coming together for a shared purpose. When you join forces with this dementia charity, your support has a ripple effect. Every contribution, be it time, resources, or spreading the word, amplifies their ability to assist those navigating the challenges of dementia.

Every hand that reaches out in support, every voice that raises awareness, and every dollar contributed enables the Voise Foundation to further their mission. By helping more individuals with dementia access groundbreaking programs like DementiaGuard© and Artful Minds©, they can offer a better quality of life to countless families.

But it doesn’t stop there. The collaboration also fuels research, drives innovative solutions, and fosters community programs aimed at holistic care and understanding. By championing this dementia charity, you’re not just supporting an organization, you’re becoming part of a larger movement, one that seeks to bring light and hope to those touched by dementia.

So, take the leap. Stand alongside the Voise Foundation. Your involvement could make all the difference in someone’s world. Embrace the chance to transform lives and be part of a cause bigger than oneself.


Unite for a Harmonious Impact

Music has a profound influence on the human mind, and the Voise Foundation understands its potential. With their innovative VST Music© program, they’re harnessing the therapeutic power of scientifically-crafted tunes to make a difference. This isn’t just any music; it’s specifically designed with solfeggios and the 40hz range frequencies to resonate with the cognitive needs of dementia patients.

The VST Music© program, spearheaded by this dedicated dementia charity, aims to provide not just a distraction, but a meaningful interaction for those with dementia. It takes them on a journey, helping them to recall cherished memories, evoke emotions, and provide a comforting auditory experience.

When you align yourself with the Voise Foundation, you’re also supporting this musical initiative. Your contributions and support enable the continued research, development, and distribution of VST Music©, ensuring that more individuals with dementia can benefit from this sonic solace.

Every note played, every memory evoked, and every moment of connection made possible through VST Music© represents the transformative power of community involvement. By supporting this dementia charity, you’re playing a crucial role in tuning into the needs of dementia patients, ensuring they have access to this harmonious and healing tool.

So, lend your voice, your heart, and your support. Together, with the Voise Foundation, let’s make every note count and bring the healing power of VST Music© to as many individuals as possible.


In Short

The Voise Foundation is more than just a charity for dementia. It’s a group that cares, helps, and wants to make a difference for people with dementia and their families. They’re here to show love and respect to everyone they help.

Transforming Dementia Care: Voise Foundation's Groundbreaking Programs

The Voise Foundation stands as a beacon in the field of dementia care and support. As a leading dementia charity, it has developed and is in the process of introducing a series of remarkable programs aimed at providing holistic care for those living with dementia.

  1. Artful Minds©: Rather than traditional art programs, the Voise Foundation has embraced the future by integrating art sensory videos into its therapeutic approach. Artful Minds© offers a multisensory experience, enabling those with dementia to engage with art in a unique, immersive manner. By combining visuals, sounds, and often tactile experiences, these videos stimulate cognitive processes, helping to soothe anxiety, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being.

  2. VST Music©: Recognizing the profound impact of music on the human mind, the Voise Foundation has introduced VST Music©, a science-based music program. This isn’t just any music; it’s specifically crafted using solfeggios and frequencies in the 40hz range. Research suggests that such frequencies can have beneficial effects on the brain, particularly for those with dementia. This innovative approach not only provides comfort and recall of cherished memories but may also offer therapeutic benefits on a neural level.

  3. Movement and Dance: While the Voise Foundation is yet to formally launch a dedicated movement and dance program, they highly encourage this activity. Movement is essential for overall well-being, and dancing can serve as an excellent medium for physical activity, emotional expression, and even cognitive stimulation. As this program takes shape in the future, it promises to bring more joy and health benefits to its participants.

  4. DementiaGuard©: Poised to be the flagship offering, the DementiaGuard© program is currently under development. Recognizing the financial burden that dementia can place on families, this program is designed to assist with dementia-related medical expenses and insurance premiums. By alleviating some of the financial stress, this dementia charity aims to ensure that every individual receives the best possible care without the worry of costs.

In essence, the Voise Foundation’s commitment to integrating science, art, and practical financial assistance places it at the forefront of dementia care. With its innovative approaches and steadfast dedication, this dementia charity is making a significant difference in the lives of many.