Cherie Voise

Cherie Voise, smiling with resolve, founder of Voise Foundation.

The word “Dementia” stirs profound emotions across every facet of society, impacting people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life.

 My name is Cherie Voise, and the inception of the Voise Foundation is rooted in my family’s generations-long battle with this condition. It started with my great grandmother, whose gentle but relentless decline first introduced us to dementia’s silent echo through our lives.

As a child, the boundless love and joy my grandmother shared with me were my world. Her decline mirrored the path I had seen my great grandmother walk, a painful brush with an unforgiving condition that now seemed like a family legacy. And yet, it was an encounter through my work as a Rape Victim Advocate, where I supported an 89-year-old lady with dementia who had faced unspeakable harm, that cemented my resolve. This encounter taught me that dementia’s impact goes far beyond memory loss—it challenges the very dignity, safety, and respect every person is entitled to.


This realization is the cornerstone of the Voise Foundation. We are more than an organization; we are a promise—a promise to every grandmother, like mine, and to every elder, like the woman I had the honor to advocate for. We stand for their right to experience joy, to feel cherished, and to be treated with the utmost respect, regardless of their mental state.

As we build the Voise Foundation, we carry a vision honed by personal experience and professional insight. My journey has equipped me to recognize the early signs of cognitive decline and to address them with innovative solutions and heartfelt care. We’re not just fighting against dementia; we’re actively advocating for the moments of happiness that every person should enjoy, for the laughter and love that dementia tries to overshadow.

Join us. Be part of a movement that stands for more than just awareness. Together, we can be a voice for those who might struggle to articulate their needs—a voice for dignity, for joy, for life.

Welcome to our community, where we chase excellence at every turn, in honor of every memory, every person, every moment that dementia has tried to dim.

Cherie Voise, Founder of Voise Foundation

An elderly woman with white hair tenderly holding a baby girl on her lap, a touching symbol of the intergenerational connection at the heart of Voise Foundation.

Grandmother's Embrace: Sparking the Voise Foundation

“Let’s put the Power back into the Now for those living with Dementia.”©

7 Heartfelt Lessons from My Journey with Dementia

The Unspoken Bond: 

When words fade, the silent understanding between loved ones endures. It’s the touch, the shared smile, that says everything.

Living in the Now: 

Cherish every chuckle, every note of a shared song, every step taken together. These are the true gems for those journeying with dementia.

Finding Strength Together: 

In the face of vulnerability, we find unexpected fortitude. Together, we navigate the waves of change with resilience.

Memories Like Keepsakes: 

Dementia cannot steal the tales of old; they glow brightly, cherished and retold. These recollections are our anchors.

A New Dawn in Care: 

The horizon of dementia care is brightening with innovation, promising better days for those we serve and their loved ones.

Empathy Leads the Way: 

Understanding is the key to unwinding the stigma of dementia, creating a kinder world where everyone is valued.

Love, the Guiding Light: 

Love is the steadfast force that moves us to advocate, to care, and to hold onto hope, illuminating the path forward.

our mission

Because of my grandmother’s story, our mission at Voise Foundation is to “elevate and enrich the lives of those impacted by dementia.

We provide innovative therapeutic resources, other care solutions, and unwavering advocacy to transform dementia care.”

Simply put, we want to make life brighter for everyone facing dementia’s challenges.


Our vision at Voise Foundation is clear: “Enriching lives in the world of dementia care.” We dream of a future where dementia doesn’t bring only challenges but also moments of joy. We believe in the power of creativity, like arts, to make this world a better place for those with dementia.

People often misunderstand dementia, which can lead to neglect. But, everyone with dementia deserves love, just like anyone else. They live in the moment, and with the right care, we can make those moments truly special for them.


At Voise Foundation, we’re dedicated to spreading understanding about dementia. We believe that even with dementia, a person can have an enriched quality of life filled with respect and joy.

Join us in our mission, and together, let’s create meaningful moments for those living with dementia.