How Voise Foundation Helps with our Programs

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Dementia affects more than memory; it impacts emotions, relationships, and finances too. Voise Foundation is committed to multi-faceted dementia efforts, aimed at transforming lives.

One cornerstone of our dementia efforts is VST Music© Therapy, a unique program proven to cut anxiety and depression rates by half. This is not just musical engagement; it’s a groundbreaking approach to dementia care.

But our dementia efforts extend beyond music. Art is another pivotal element. Statistics reveal that art can skyrocket social interaction by 70%, serving as an emotional and social lifeline to those isolated by dementia.

Financial stress is often a stumbling block in dementia care. In recognition of this, our dementia efforts include researching effective ways to alleviate this financial burden. We’re committed to making dementia care more affordable, although we can’t disclose further details at this moment. Stay tuned for updates.

Your generous donations empower these vital dementia efforts. Each contribution sustains our life-changing VST Music© Therapy, Artful Minds© programs, and upcoming initiatives to tackle the financial hurdles of dementia care.

In a nutshell, the Voise Foundation’s dementia efforts are not just programs; they are lifelines that transform lives. With your continued support, these dementia efforts will continue to offer holistic care and financial relief to those affected by dementia.

The therapeutic power of music, especially specific frequencies like solfeggios and the potent 40Hz, is firmly rooted in science, and the Voise Foundation’s VST Music Therapy© is at the forefront of harnessing these benefits for dementia patients. The 40Hz frequency is directly linked to enhancing gamma wave activity in the brain, crucial for memory and cognition, while the ancient solfeggio frequencies resonate deeply with healing and spiritual development.

Key Benefits:

Brainwave Entrainment:
Enhances memory and cognition with 40Hz frequency.
Solfeggio Frequencies:
Offers tranquillity, healing, and spiritual enlightenment.
Promotes brain adaptability, compensating for dementia-related challenges.
Emotional Resonance:
Provides feelings of comfort, familiarity, and peace.
Social Interaction:
Stimulates collective engagement, reducing feelings of isolation.
Stress Reduction:
Calming effects that promote healing and well-being.

Art is a powerful tool, with mediums like painting or sculpture evoking feelings and memories in viewers. Artful Minds© introduces a unique experience, showcasing videos of art creations in action. These sensory art videos stimulate the mind, bringing joy and rekindling connections to creativity. Families and caregivers are encouraged to join in, making it a communal experience that fosters closeness and conversations centered around the world of art.

Key Benefits

Cognitive Activation:
Stimulates memories and enriches thought processes.

Emotional Elevation:
Ignites feelings of joy, positivity, and inspiration.

Communal Bonding:
Encourages shared experiences, enhancing togetherness.

Artistic Discussions:
Fuels in-depth conversations around art and its nuances.

Creative Reconnection:
Re-establishes ties with the world of art and imagination.

Therapeutic Expression:
Facilitates validation, emotional release, and well-being.

Relationship Reinforcement:
Deepens and nurtures bonds between participants.


We are tirelessly working on exciting new initiatives to address the financial challenges of dementia care. Stay tuned for updates on groundbreaking programs that aim to provide financial relief and peace of mind for families impacted by dementia.

Elderly lady smiling contentedly, representing the positive impact of dementia efforts and the DementiaGuard© program.

Making Dementia Care Better

Voise Foundation’s three initial initiatives are tools to make life better for people with dementia. There’s music to enjoy, art to watch, and help with costs. It’s all about giving care and hope. These efforts are just the start, but they’re a big step in the right direction.