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Welcome to Voise Foundation, your primary source of support, companionship, and enriched experiences for individuals navigating the journey of dementia.

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For any questions or inquiries related to our music, art, sensory videos, or dementia care services, or if you desire to know more about what we do, feel free to contact us at Voise Foundation. We are committed to providing the necessary information and support you seek

We thank you for your interest in the Voise Foundation. We are excited about the prospect of connecting with you and working together to improve the lives of individuals with dementia through our innovative care solutions.

What is Our Location? Stunning Frisco skyline, the home base of Voise Foundation.

what is our location?

Our Office Location

Voise Foundation is proud to call the vibrant city of Frisco, Texas, our home base. Nestled just 25 minutes north of Dallas, Frisco serves as the perfect backdrop for our mission of enriching the lives of those affected by dementia.

Location Map

To make your journey to our office a breeze, we’ve provided a location map below. Just click on the map to get the easiest route to our location.

To ensure health safety, we recommend scheduling your visit in advance.

Voise Foundation Office:

3201 Dallas Pkwy #200
Frisco, TX 75034

Visiting Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM

At our office, the essence of Frisco’s lively spirit can be felt. This bustling city known for its leisure activities and dynamic atmosphere mirrors our own commitment to fostering joy and engagement in dementia care. Our office isn’t just a space, it’s where the transformative work happens; where we bring together innovation, compassion, and dedicated service to offer support for those in need.

 Join us in Frisco, and see firsthand how we are making a difference in the dementia community. From our thriving office in this vibrant city, we welcome the opportunity to meet you and share more about our mission.

voise foundation maling address

What is Our Mailing Address?

If you wish to correspond with us via mail, send your letters, inquiries, and donations to our mailing address. We look forward to hearing from you and promise to respond as promptly as possible.

Voise Foundation Mailing Address:

Voise Foundation
539 W Commerce St #5878
Dallas, TX 75208

We’re proud to serve as a beacon of hope and support in the community. Whether you’re planning to visit us or want to send a letter, your involvement is invaluable to us. We look forward to welcoming you into our Voise Foundation community. Together, we can make a world of difference.

Connect & Collaborate

General Inquiries

We are always ready to offer information about our organization and services, and will respond promptly and effectively to all inquiries.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations that resonate with our mission. If you’re considering partnering with us to positively impact dementia care, we’d be more than glad to hear from you.

Media and Press Inquiries

Whether you need expert insights, additional information, or are seeking to interview us, we are at your service. We are well equipped to support media coverage of our art sensory videos and dementia care initiatives.

Feedback and Testimonials

Your feedback and testimonials mean a lot to us. If our art sensory videos have made a positive impact on your life, or if you have any suggestions for improving our services, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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What is Our Location? Exploring Voise Foundation’s Base in Frisco, Texas

Dedicated to providing innovative dementia care solutions, the Voise Foundation makes its home in the heart of Frisco, Texas. But where exactly are we located and why is Frisco our chosen home?

Here are our precise addresses:

Voise Foundation Office:
3201 Dallas Pkwy #200
Frisco, TX 75034

Voise Foundation Mailing Address:
529 W Commerce St #5878
Dallas, TX 75208

Rooted in the dynamic city of Frisco, we’re just a 25-minute drive north from Dallas. This locale has proven the ideal setting for our impactful work. But why Frisco? And why should this matter to you, whether you’re a potential volunteer, donor, or family member of someone affected by dementia?

Frisco’s vibrant and collaborative atmosphere echoes the essence of Voise Foundation’s mission. As we tirelessly build a nurturing community for those impacted by dementia, we thrive in a city that shares our values of unity and inclusivity.

This city’s resources, from community centers to parks, enable us to execute our programs effectively. These local spaces serve as platforms for our therapeutic sessions, workshops, and activity-based therapies, thus becoming extensions of our pledge to improve the quality of life for those navigating dementia.

“What is our location?” It is located in Frisco! This gives us access to a vast network of healthcare professionals, researchers, and support services. This network is invaluable in our pursuit of comprehensive care, staying informed about the latest in dementia research, and in collaboratively fostering awareness.

Strategically positioned in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we ensure easy accessibility to a significant number of families. For those seeking our services or looking to contribute their time, our location in Frisco offers convenience and easy reach.

Knowing where we are, you might wonder how to visit us. Our office is open from Monday to Friday for appointments and visits. We recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure a team member is available to meet with you.

Our location isn’t merely an office space; it’s a venue to experience the passion, commitment, and innovation we bring to our work daily. It’s an opportunity to witness our efforts, to understand how you can get involved, and to become part of our mission.

In the Voise Foundation, we believe community forms the crux of our work. Hence, we’ve selected a location that mirrors our values of togetherness and connectedness. We welcome you to visit us in Frisco, learn more about our initiatives, and join us in transforming lives.”What is our location?”

When you ask, “What is our location?” the answer transcends a physical address. It is our commitment to community, accessibility, and innovative dementia care. It’s our mission to make a profound difference in the lives of those touched by dementia. We invite you to our home and our community at the Voise Foundation. We await your visit.

What is Our Location? Uncovering the Strategic Value of Voise Foundation’s Frisco Base and Our Global Aspirations

As you already know, the Voise Foundation’s physical base is in Frisco, Texas. But you can always ask: “What is our location?” However, our location isn’t just about a physical address; it’s about how this setting empowers us to do more for those we serve and what it signifies for our broader ambitions. This is not only our place of operation, but it also symbolizes our commitment to enriching lives, fostering connections, and growing our reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Our Frisco location presents a unique advantage by providing a conducive environment for our mission. Frisco is known for its communal spirit, a trait mirrored in the Voise Foundation’s approach to dementia care. We believe in fostering a supportive, understanding community for those affected by dementia, and we find that spirit reflected in Frisco’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Being located within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we’re strategically positioned to connect with a diverse array of stakeholders.  So, “What is our location?” and what does it mean? These include not only the individuals and families we serve but also healthcare professionals, researchers, volunteers, and other organizations. This connectivity enables us to stay on top of latest research developments, share expertise, and engage in meaningful collaborations, all of which feed into our mission of providing top-tier dementia care.

However, our vision extends far beyond our Frisco location. We intend to grow our footprint, expanding our reach to touch lives across America and globally. The fight against dementia is a universal one. It’s a mission that knows no borders. By leveraging digital technology, we aim to disseminate our resources, knowledge, and support to families, caregivers, and individuals affected by dementia, regardless of their geographical location.

While the importance of our physical location cannot be understated, we’re equally committed to enhancing our digital presence.  So, don’t just ask”What is our location?”- you can also ask “What is our location? Virtually?” This dual approach ensures we can offer support to those in our local community while also reaching out to those in other locations. Online resources, webinars, digital support groups – these are just a few ways we strive to extend our impact.

Moreover, our expansion plan includes collaborations with international organizations and healthcare institutions. We aspire to create a global network dedicated to dementia care, each contributing their unique insights and resources. The ultimate goal is to ensure anyone touched by dementia can access top-quality support, education, and care. So, next time you ask”What is our location?” – we are hoping to many plenty more!

And so, when you ask, “What is our location?” our answer is twofold. Yes, we are physically based in Frisco, Texas, a location that provides countless benefits and aligns with our core values. But we also see ourselves as part of the global dementia care community, with a presence that extends wherever there is an internet connection and a need for the services we provide.

Our location is, therefore, not just a point on a map; it’s a testament to our commitment to accessible, quality dementia care for all. Whether you’re in Frisco, elsewhere in America, or across the globe, the Voise Foundation is here for you, steadfast in our mission to improve lives and tackle dementia. Our doors, both physical and virtual, are open to all. Your location is our location, for we’re all part of the same global community.

What is Our Location? Delving Deeper into Voise Foundation’s Strategic Positioning and Worldwide Reach

When pondering over the question, “What is our location?” you might expect a straightforward answer, pinpointing a specific geographical location. However, for the Voise Foundation, it’s much more than that. Our location represents our strategic positioning, our community engagement, and our vision to touch lives across the globe.

Nestled in the heart of Frisco, Texas, we have the privilege of being part of a dynamic, vibrant community. This city, known for its vibrant energy and commitment to community welfare, mirrors our own ethos perfectly. As a city that is constantly growing and adapting, Frisco serves as an excellent base for our operations, providing us with a wealth of opportunities to collaborate, learn, and grow.

We’re just a stone’s throw away from medical research institutions, universities, and other non-profit organizations. These connections create a synergy that fuels our mission to transform dementia care. The proximity to such institutions means that we can actively participate in the latest research and practices, ultimately enriching the lives of those we serve. Now there is a great value add to:”What is our location?”

While we are proud of our Frisco base, the Voise Foundation has always aimed to reach beyond the confines of physical boundaries. We believe that our mission, driven by compassion and innovation, has a universal resonance. Therefore, we’re constantly striving to expand our reach, extending our services to communities across America and, eventually, the globe.

We envision the Voise Foundation as a beacon of support and knowledge for those affected by dementia, regardless of where they are in the world. Through our digital platforms, we offer resources, webinars, support groups, and forums that provide valuable information and a sense of camaraderie. Whether you’re a patient seeking guidance, a caregiver in need of advice, or a medical professional looking to stay abreast of latest developments, we aim to be your reliable source of support.

However, our digital presence is not an alternative to physical outreach – it’s a supplement. As we grow, we aim to establish physical presences in other locations, both within the US and internationally. Our goal is to create a worldwide network of support, with each location providing personalized, localized care while also contributing to the collective knowledge base.

With this vision in mind, our Frisco location serves as the springboard for our future aspirations. It’s where we fine-tune our approaches, test our initiatives, and create successful models that can be replicated elsewhere. Every breakthrough achieved here in Frisco has potential implications for dementia care globally. We are aspiring to be global, the next time you ask:”What is our location?”

Ultimately, when we say, “Our location is Frisco, Texas,” we’re acknowledging our roots and the community that has nurtured us. But when we look to the future, we see a map filled with multiple points, each representing the Voise Foundation’s presence.

Every step we take towards this vision amplifies our mission to change the narrative around dementia. As we grow, so too does our commitment to those affected by dementia. The question, “What is our location?” serves as a reminder of this commitment. It prompts us to remember that while we are grounded in Frisco, our ambition soars across the globe. Our location, then, is more than a place – it’s a reflection of our journey and the lives we aim to touch along the way. So, in many ways when we are asked “What is our location?” – we often refer to our journey in enriching dementia lives too.

As we continue to grow and extend our reach, our location in Frisco, Texas, serves as a strategic hub for our various initiatives. The bustling environment and vibrant energy of the city align perfectly with the ethos of the Voise Foundation, creating a fitting backdrop to our efforts to advance dementia care and enrich lives.

From our Frisco base, we channel the dynamic energy and forward-thinking spirit of the city to shape our innovative programs. We believe that environment and location play a vital role in fostering creativity and inspiring progress. Frisco’s culture of innovation and progressiveness energizes our approach, propelling us to explore new avenues in dementia care.

Our presence in Frisco also facilitates our aim to extend our impact across America and, ultimately, the globe. With the city’s strong transportation links and central location, we are ideally positioned to connect with and reach a broad spectrum of communities. This strategic positioning is integral to our aim of ensuring that our programs and initiatives are accessible to as many individuals as possible.

Being part of Frisco’s thriving community, we are privileged to connect with various local partners and collaborators. These relationships enrich our work and allow us to deliver even more comprehensive support to those affected by dementia. Our collaboration with local institutions, businesses, and organizations is a key aspect of our strategy to effect real, tangible change.

Looking towards the future, our vision includes expanding our footprint to other parts of the country and the world. Just as our location in Frisco has been instrumental in shaping our journey so far, we anticipate that our growth into new regions will bring fresh perspectives and opportunities. Each new location will add another chapter to our story, widening our reach and deepening our impact.

In essence, the question “What is our location?” transcends geographic boundaries. While our physical address lies in Frisco, our true location is wherever we can make a difference. Our location is in every life we touch, every smile we bring to a face, every moment of clarity we facilitate. Our location is in the heart of every individual who believes in our mission and supports our cause.

Our location is the embodiment of our mission. The value we derive from being based in Frisco is inextricably linked to the city’s vibrant energy, innovative spirit, and strong sense of community. These qualities not only resonate with our vision but also provide the perfect launching pad for our expansion plans.”What is our location?”

As we continue to explore possibilities and grow our footprint, we do so with the aim of reaching those in need, wherever they may be. Our physical location is merely a starting point; the real journey lies in the impact we create and the lives we touch.

We envision a future where our presence is felt far and wide, where the words “Voise Foundation” evoke a sense of hope and reassurance, irrespective of one’s location. As we work towards this vision, we carry with us the dynamic spirit and forward-thinking ethos of our home base in Frisco, spreading it across America and beyond.”What is our location?”

Every step we take on this journey, every new location we add to our footprint, strengthens our resolve to create a world where dementia doesn’t dictate one’s quality of life. This journey is a testament to the belief that drives us – the belief that everyone deserves access to quality dementia care.

So, when asked, “What is our location?”, we say, “We are based in the vibrant city of Frisco, but our true location lies in the heart of our mission – in the lives of those we seek to enrich, in the communities we aim to support, and in the future we aspire to create.”

Every day, our location in Frisco serves as a reminder of the community we are a part of and the mission we are dedicated to. It represents our commitment to progress, our dedication to innovation, and our unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals battling dementia. Our location is more than an address; it’s a testament to our vision, our purpose, and our resolve to transform lives and redefine dementia care. So,”What is our location?”